teens & women

at risk

facilitating their economic & personal independence

in rural & rainforest areas

human care :: mother earth care :: process care

we believe in the innate dignity with which we are all born

not easy summarize … nor put into words our vision… as many of us, we want to make this world a better & joyful place… now is unbalanced… unfair… so many things we know are not right & hurt so much… this system has to change… is simply out of order… we believe we can build a good one together !!!

for us is important to tackle the core problems. we know that if we have an impact on it by building new ways, new models, new structures, strengthen communities… & restoring life values… we will really produce the change we want… and that is our intention… we know is huge work and requires special skills to cope & manage the unexpected… but we are ready

for us listening with deep respect the stories, concerns & interests… valuing and caring of everyone & everything that’s involved… measuring its impact… is what leads our groundbreaking solutions

our commitment is humbly contribute to build good lives… a good world

craft atelier & boots

our main project

our own method… born from our heart… our vision… created with our deep knowledge & experience… with the purpose to serve

creating real opportunities for teens & women to facilitate their personal & economic independence… building wealthy & healthy communities in rural & rainforest areas…

on our side, we are now looking for a good place to begin our own boot camp… not only a good place to develop their projects… but to create a space of enrichment & interaction… new community concept

don’t miss our bakestore!!!

is part of our garden haven project

cozy cookicons & beautiful chic linens for chef’s & our students

smile… run wild your imagination… feel warm & comfortable…

bid for jad

colourful variety of antique objects, hope you’ll love to buy

some jad friends have donated us precious & loving objects, we much, much appreciate… now, for us, it is not easy to sell them though they need a very specific market…

so we create a kind of auction… we found it would be easier & fun

we’d love to give you more details

& see you in our sister pages

come in, you are so welcome !!!

human care :: mother earth care :: process care

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