teen girls at risk & teen moms

in rural & rainforest areas

craft atelier & boots

our method to facilitate their economic & personal independence

human care :: mother earth care :: process care

we believe in the innate dignity with which we are all born

thanks in advance ❤️

for helping us make a difference with…

our cozy bakestore… play like an auction… or easily donate

take a look & choose…

(all you purchase or donate go to seed fund our projects)

don’t miss our bakestore!!!

is part of our garden haven project

cozy cookicons & beautiful chic linens for chef’s & our students

smile… run wild your imagination… feel warm & comfortable…

bid for jad

colourful variety of antique objects, hope you’ll love to buy

some jad friends have donated us precious & loving objects, we much, much appreciate… now, for us, it is not easy to sell them though they need a very specific market…

so we create a kind of auction… you set the value…

we found it would be easier & fun

we’d love to give you more details

& see you in our sister pages

come in, you are so welcome !!!

human care :: mother earth care :: process care

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