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my name is nuria, I’m the president of JAD Co.Productions org (a small ngo I founded in 2014 – although the story began long time ago with Coco Diversity).

in 2007 I came to know about the concerns & worries about teenagers. it stood out there was a lack of opportunities for them, specially in rural & rainforest areas… and even worst for teen moms.

in 2009 I could make a deep investigation, with other teen organisations, and lot of talking with teens. the core point that came out was the need to restore values.

no doubt there is a gap in teens support & attention… no matter the place we look at… most who deal with them are ‘burnout’… most of the proposals have no interest for them… and clearly seem to be uncomfortable for too many…

but for us, matters a lot, we believe that if we can positively support them, give them true opportunities & caring guidance we will be able to address many of the problems of nowadays… 

after deeply listening them, evaluating & analyzing everything, I came up by creating a model that will contribute to fill the gap…

craft atelier & boots

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